Christian Easter

I can understand how Easter got blended with the Christian Church, it’s the same way that Christianity got blended with Judaism; when the Roman Emperor Constantine commissioned the Holy Bible making the Vatican the authority over the Christian Church. The blending of Christian and Pagan holidays had already started and was one of the reasons the Holy Bible was commissioned in the first place, blending the Pagan holidays you are able to draw the Pagans into the church; thus giving you the opportunity to convert them, it was meant as a way to control the empire. The adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire was a result of seeing how religion was being used in other parts of the empire to control the kingdoms they had conquered; the method was effective.

But what I don’t understand is why the Pagan symbolism is still celebrated by the modern Christian Church with this knowledge, why do modern Christian Churches celebrate the murder and resurrection of their Messiah with Easter Egg Hunts? The name of the Goddess of Fertility is Easter; the holiday is named after her, the egg is the symbol of her fertility; rabbits were a great example of fertility with the rate at which they reproduce. Are Christians celebrating fertility or fulfillment of prophecy?

In my area, there is a Christian Church which celebrates with a helicopter Easter egg drop hunt annually. I am just blown away by the extravagance a Christian Church is willing to display, the expense they are willing to pay to celebrate a fertility ceremony that had absolutely nothing to do with the death or resurrection of Jesus Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of Pagan friends; I respect their views and beliefs, but I do remember Christ saying something about not celebrating holidays as the pagans do. I suppose their sins are forgiven too, just like the rest of us Christians who have seen the fanatics take over the churches and twist the laws to justify their greed, to justify their lavish lifestyle, who count material things as blessings; even if they do choose to judge people such as myself as unworthy of heaven just because I don’t grace their halls to be seen among the self righteous. I just can’t find time to be a part of their collective narcissism and misdirection, but I can always find time for God; I don’t limit my faith to a couple of days a week and only 10%, I give every day to my Creator and give 100% everyday. At least that’s the way I see it…

Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves…Oh My! Part 3

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 A thief wants what others have without having to spend anything for it; it’s not that they don’t want to work, sometimes it takes a lot of work to plan and carry out a theft; many thieves even work a regular job. It’s not about stealing for necessity, it’s about stealing in order to get away with it and obtain something you wanted. There are several ways and things to steal, people are not items which can be stolen; for people are creatures of free will, not property to be exchanged. If someone has “stolen” your boyfriend/girlfriend, then they weren’t your property to begin with and you should look at your own perception of relationships. 

  Possessions can be stolen, and a thief is just the person to do it; because a thief has that selfish attitude that they are entitled to anything they want. It doesn’t have to be a deliberate theft, as in they walked into a store and shoplifted; it can be as subtle as “borrowing” an item and never returning it. For instance, borrowing a movie from a friend and “forgetting” to return it. Then if something happens to dissolve that friendship, the movie belongs to the current owner. Theft can even occur by just forgetting something at another house; leaving a coffee travel mug that was empty for instance. If no one makes an attempt to return it then they have stolen it from you; especially if you go back and ask for it and are told you didn’t leave it there. 

  Embezzlement is another form of theft; it is taking the money that your employees earned for the company and spending it for personal gain. For example, if you own business, and you take money directly from that business account to pay for your house, a car, clothes, eating out for every meal, or any other personal spending; then you have just embezzled from your company. Even as CEO, you are responsible for the business and employees first; then you may pay yourself from the profits, a salary is preferable in order to grow and provide for the business and keep the business running even with unforeseeable extra expenses. A business exists to make a profit, provide goods and/or services, and employ people to keep an economy going; once you start embezzling from your business, you have destroyed the whole reason for the existence of owning a business. 

 Selfish greed is what motivates a thief; and they will lie and cheat to get whatever they desire. There is no honor among thieves, if they will steal from anyone, they will steal from you. If caught, they will lie their way out of it, if they can; if they can cheat their way out of it, they will. Once a thief betrays the trust of someone, it can take that person a long time to trust anyone; theft is a violation of security. Stealing a person’s job, possessions, pride, identity, intellectual property, or anything for that matter betrays the trust that a person placed within an individual. You not only lose respect from that individual but anyone that individual comes into contact with and mentions your undesirable behaviors.

 So, what have we learned? We have learned that liars, cheaters, and thieves have a lot in common with each other and usually reside within the same individual character. We have learned that being honest about being a liar doesn’t make you any more trustworthy. That any of these actions betrays trust and loses respect of individuals which we encounter daily. But above all we have learned that it is better to just be honest, tell the truth, stay loyal, and have your actions in harmony with your words in order to remain trustworthy. Don’t associate with liars, cheaters, and thieves unless you are feeling the need for some disappointment and drama in your life; who needs to live in a soap opera all the time? The truth is always easier to remember anyway. 

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Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves…Oh My! Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


 In Part 1 of the series we discussed liars, in Part 2 of the series I want to discuss cheaters. There are many ways to cheat and things to cheat on; but the cheater has realize somewhere in life that they could expend less effort if they just cheat to gain personally. Yes, once again it’s a self centered attitude; where only the cheaters needs and desires are all that matters. The disclaimer form the first part of the series still applies to the entire series, if you missed part one then perhaps you should go back and read the article.

 Cheaters like to get away with something, without expending too much effort; it is easier to allow someone else to do all of the work and then copy or steal it from them. Of course that’s how lying and thieving connect with cheating. I won’t be covering the theft aspect of cheating here; that will be covered in Part 3, but it is a part of the process. Cheaters cheat on tests, in races, in relationships, etc. As long as they can get away with it; once caught, they will resort to lying to cover their unethical actions.

 For example, a man and woman are married; but the man is having an affair, his wife suspects something but he his lying to cover his affair. He is cheating on his wife and lying about it in order to satisfy his carnal desires; which is justified in his mind, because he is getting away with it. Eventually his lies don’t add up or someone he included in his lies without telling them lets something slip without even realizing it. At this point he comes clean, sort of…

 Forgive me...

 Now he regrets what he has done, he begs for forgiveness, and realizes he has lost trust and respect. Notice that it’s all about him and what he has done; I, me, my. And she forgives him, but he didn’t tell her everything, just what he got caught at; he lied by omission. Eventually she finds out that he didn’t tell her everything, that he lied and omitted several truths; at this point trust is shattered, there is no way to believe this lying cheater. She kicks him out and files for divorce; he goes to his mistress, who gladly takes him. How long do you think it will take him to cheat on his mistress? Cheaters cheat; that’s what they do, even if they have to lie and steal to do so…
  …if they cheated with you, what makes you think they won’t cheat on you? 

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Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves…Oh My! Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

 I would like to discuss my personal view on liars, cheaters, and thieves; especially in regards to trust. Unfortunately many might identify with this post, from both sides of the fence. Let me start with my disclaimer, while the subject matter of this blog post may have been influenced by a series of unfortunate events in the life of greyeyesgabriel, the identity’s have been altered to protect the guilty as well as the innocent; all photos used were taken from a public posts on the facebook domain, they are merely examples being used to illustrate the point of this blog post. You have been warned that this blog may be found offensive to some readers, if this is the case then you may wish to stop reading right about now. 

 People have always fascinated me; the things they claim to do in “rational thought” but are still driven by emotion, the way their actions contradict what they say, the way they will judge a person based on their own personal character, and so on. But I have always been fascinated by liars, cheaters, and thieves; the amount of ego that it takes to maintain these behaviors is over the top. Their motives are usually driven in fear and it seems that they all go hand in hand; one behavior leading to another behavior to cover up the original unethical behavior. But they all lead to the eventual betrayal of trust; we place trust in others on a daily basis, we accept “little white lies” because they make us feel better about ourselves, we expect that the newspaper will be delivered on time, we expect our spouse to be loyal and faithful to us, you get the idea. This is the first of a three part series; let us discuss this in detail…


 There are several types of liars, just as there are many types of lies and occasions to lie about; but we are speaking in general terms. Why do people lie? Sometimes it is to keep from hurting someone’s feelings, sometimes it is to gain something, and sometimes it is to cover up another nefarious behavior. An example would be that a wife suspects her husband is cheating on her; in reality he is cheating on her but he lies to keep from losing his comfortable life with his wife. Most of the time lies are generated by the same emotion, fear. Fear of being rejected, fear of losing something, fear of being caught doing something you aren’t supposed to do, but generally, just fear motivates a liar. 

 Your typical liar is usually selfish, self centered, self absorbed, delusional, and has an overbearing ego. They must believe that their lie is real in order for it to be convincing; kind of like a good actor. Some liars attempt to come clean when confronted in an attempt to work the damage control in their favor; by telling the truth they expect to earn back some of the respect and trust they had lost by lying. By this action they prolong the life of the lie because they have proven themselves trustworthy again. 

Openly admitting to lying 

 But then there is the lie which exposes itself after the matter has been resolved; this lie is nothing more than a spiteful attempt at harming the feelings of someone that hurt you. And even if it is a truth, then you admit to the actual event as being the lie. Either way you look at this lie, it is still dishonest and a lie; there is no way to get out of this lie once it comes out, you incriminate your own character.

Admitting to lying without admitting it.

 See, now you have just admitted to being fake; and confirmed that at one point in time you were lying, either then or now. But liars don’t see the reality of the situation because they have convinced themselves that the lie is real and anything which contradicts the lie becomes the lie. Liars typically want you to believe the lie so badly that they will attempt to make you believe that the truth is wrong even when it is supported with facts and evidence. Liars and manipulation go together like peanut butter and jelly; the lies are told to manipulate a situation to the advantage of the liar, which feeds the ego and maintains a false sense of power and control.  

Any way you cut it, lying is a big risk. For instance, once you start lying, you will find that you will have to tell another lie to cover the one you just told; the lies actually become the liars altered reality. Any type of concealment of truth is a lie, including omission of truth; a person should not have to interrogate someone to find out every little detail, asking very specific questions; if you have nothing to hide hide, then why conceal it. Eventually the truth will come out somewhere, one of the lies will be exposed and that is all it takes to destroy trust and shatter respect. Once trust is lost, it is very difficult to regain; especially when your actions no longer match the words which proceed from your mouth. You can always tell when a liar is lying because their lips will be moving. 

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Migration…the flight

greyeyesgabriel international
  …is my parent company for all that I do on the web, it is what binds all of my divisions together; all resources are distributed through greyeyesgabriel international. As you may have figured out, a large part of the focus of greyeyesgabriel international has been developing on the social web; aka web 2.0. We utilize many hosts and sometimes we change as technology of the web changes. While Google is a large base for us and not only provides business side resources but development resources as well; we like to utilize as much of the new technology to build our brand as possible. As being a leader in the development of the personal web, offing unique designs to challenge the point of view that websites must be functional without being creative especially with so many tools available through hosting sites and plug-ins. 

  …having said all of that boring technical stuff; we are proud to announce that we are migrating all blogs of the greyeyesgabriel webwork to tumblr. We just simply like the control that we get, along with their creative point of view; the easy of integration. It gives us what other blog providers don’t within the pixels of the tumblr community which has matured quite nicely with the understanding of how important it is to stay flexible on the modern web. We won’t be closing down the blogs on other websites; but they will be turned into syndicated rebroadcasts from the tumblr main source. 

…we welcome you to join us on this journey of unique thinking which is not contained to only the web but also stems into the personal life of greyeyesgabriel himself, and applies in reality as well as virtual reality. As we are rolling out this new blog system, we are posting this on the original opinion blog of greyeyesgabriel first…

...perspective of perception...

…as well as polishing, migrating our feeds, and integrating our unique perspective; such as CosmicSpores,  we are also adding new little bits of web entertainment to our brand; such as by greyeyesgabriel. Keep your eyes on the greyeyesgabriel brand for interesting developments; perhaps we will see each other around sometime, I’m not always sitting behind a computer screen and keyboard. Thank you for your support and criticism over the years; it has been quite a challenge with many obstacles, but we have refocused our attention to the original purpose of this adventure we have been on. It has and will continue to be an interesting journey as we develop the ideas of greyeyesgabriel together.

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